A NightOwls worst Nightmare: The capitalistic Nightmare

Wolf Biter
3 min readJul 15, 2022

As humans were evolving for this world, back in the pre-agriculture revolution days, way before electricity existed — we were tribes, who needed guards to protect us from other rival tribes, predators and more. Thus, it made sense to have people in our midst that could function efficiently during the night.

Enter: The Night Owls

These were people highly adapted to the nighttime regime, give them the day to rest, and they’ll protect you during the night. This tendency to be active during the day today, is named by medical professionals as delayed sleep phase disorder. These are people who are dead as a zombie during the daytime, but out comes the moon, and see them spring to action like a jack-in-the-box.

Let me tell you my story as a night-owl in a world obsessed by waking up 2 hours before sunrise.

School Time

Back in my school-days, I’d be the kid who’d be dragging his feet, barely dressed up to the school assembly with bags under my eyes and just tired with my brains out. Just keeping myself up as the hours passed by, waiting for the day to end, so I could go back home and lay on my sweet sweet bed. It was just the one made for me. It would be an understatement to say that this system was cruel to me. I wasn’t a child who stayed up late, or had trouble waking up. I WAS BORN this way. It would also be an understatement to say that I suffered academically during my school years. I passed with flying colors — That’s no trouble, but I know if the school system or the overarching system as a whole had a better approach, I could’ve been a very very different person. Think of it like this, a sleepy kid or an active kid, who do you think would’ve benefited more.

Post High-School Education

Although, I dragged my way through my high-school education, its no secret that the corporate world doesn’t really gel in well with people who work better in the night. You can basically say goodbye to anything finance related, because stock markets, banks — basically every financial institution close their doors by either 4, or max 5 pm. By the time, you’re just about to get in the zone. My jobs, would often require me to start working by 8 or 9, to meet my deadlines by the end of day. It just means I’m a subpar employee for the company, I can’t contribute as well or as much. Now I’m not going to argue that society bend itself backwards to meet my every whim, or even propose a change to the world, but rather just highlight that this society (if I can even call it that) is cruel to the very people who protected it in it’s early stages. It’s all about the money makers, not the devs who stay up at night working on the latest and greatest. The accountants figuring shit out as the moon dips, ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEYMAKERs, and that kind of world leaves no room for diversity.



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